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I've always been a proponent for having the PR role be a strategic partner within the organization.  In today's world that goes a step further by ensuring PR, social media and local marketing all work together to create the most effective campaigns.  In traditional organizations these roles are viewed as different positions, and that can work, if there is an overarching strategy that is directing how all of these vehicles will work together.  A simple press release no longer cuts it -- content, creativity and multi-approach strategy is what works in today's competitive marketplace.

The heartbeat of PR hasn't changed -- it's all about storytelling and building the image of a brand.  It's about building new relationships and continuing to foster those that have been around for decades. As online media will continue to play a larger role in PR going forward, it's critical to understand that research shows there has been a shift from traditional journalist-based public relations to more of a customer-focused approach.  It's so important to focus on not only what will peak the interest of the journalist, but also what the consumer is wanting to read or act upon and with the key audiences that is often less content, and more visual.  (This is another supporting role of how social and local marketing work together with PR.)  

Supporting Your Business

I have partnered with a PR firm for many years and based on the client's needs will utilize an agency approach to support your business or work with you 1:1.  Whether you have a short-term project or are seeking an ongoing partnership, please contact me and let's discuss further.