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Let us give your event the special attention it deserves.  Whether your event is for twenty or two thousand, our full-service turnkey approach to conference and event planning sets us apart from others.  

Our approach to meeting and event planning may include:

  • Pre-Event
    • Develop event strategy
    • Conduct necessary research
    • Design/create event logo/theme
    • Facilitate logistics including securing hotel/site
    • Speech writing and presentation development
    • Travel and logistics
    • Manage event communications both pre- and post-event
    • Source keynote speaker
    • Source and manage AV/production
    • Sponsorship management
  • Onsite event management
    • Develop and execute breakout sessions
    • Facilitate extra curricular activities/outings
    • Manage food, beverage and decorations
  • Post-Event
    • Participant survey